My name is  Annique! Like the word "unique" but with an "A." Pretty good, huh? Lots of people pronounce it in lots of different ways, so I just kind of respond to anything at this point. Here and ready to party, y'all. My honey and I live in Austin, TX, but we're DOWN AND READY to hit the road for your day. Like, seriously, we'll travel anywhere. I'm also an ENFJ/P and a 2w3 enneagram, so like people are my thing. 

One of my favorite titles I have is Mrs. Hardin. I married my high school best friend turned lover-boy, and I've been tripped up by him for a LOOONG time. We got married August 2017, so we're still on this newlywed train and lovin' it. We have a unique story, and it's made me really appreciate other's relationship stories as well. Together, we have a scruffy pup named Juneau and she is a hoot, y'all. She is expressive and loud and happy and intuitive and a very good girl. You should meet her.  But the most important thing about us is that we are lovers of Jesus Christ. That's the why behind every part of our life. 

Okay! Here's some cutesie shots of us just because. 


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Created to create + For the authentic lovers

I'm an artist striving to create real magic for couples with their own unique stories. Everyone's love story is organic and different, and that is something to be celebrated. I love people who aren't afraid to be themselves, and when they find their person that brings the best out of them.

I'm a goofball. On shoots, I will sing at you and dance around and laugh with you because this is FUN! I want the real you to be shown in front of this camera. So I vow to be wholly myself, and you be yourself too, okay? Cool.

Your wedding day is also the most intimate day ever, so I take that VERY seriously. I want you to look back on your wedding images and not just remember by seeing. I want you to remember your day with all your senses and feel as if you're reliving those moments. I'm not here to just check some boxes off and get your day done with. It's about fostering the spirit of love and deep rooted relationship.  I want you to feel the feels all over again. And I promise, you will. 

Your wedding day is just as unique as you. It's a living, breathing, organic experience that will go by in a hurry, so slow down. Take it in. Feel the joy. I can't wait to join you and make these memories with you.

Photo by:  Lauren Apel Photo


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Based in Austin, TX and will travel worldwide