You guys, it's a real thing. Scott + Bianca are getting married and the heavens have opened and the trumpets are sounding and the tears are flowing over this. Here's the little story of this tender couple.

Okay, I got a message on Insta from a friend saying he had a buddy that was going to propose to his girlfriend, and he needed a photographer.
Cue me. Duh, I love proposals, so I was super excited.
I got Scott on the phone and he told me it was their anniversary coming up, and he was going to plan a little date for them that would turn into him proposing. He had a general idea of how it would go, so I helped nail down specifics when we met at the lookout spot where he planned to pop the question. Our game plan was that I would be out there "on a shoot" with someone while he had a picnic date with his boo, Bianca. Well Bianca and Scott love throwing the baseball together, (cute, right?) so he planned to go back to his car to get the baseball and glove aka THE RING and ask her to be his wife. 
It worked flawlessly. They ate pizza while watching the sun set over the canyon and the unsuspecting Bianca quickly became a fiancée. It was perfect. There were tears and exclamations of praise and lots of exhales of, "I love you." 

Scott + Bianca. You're getting married, finally. 


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